About Classic Channel Letter Wholesaler Channel Letter Signage, Front-Lit, Halo-Lit, Dual-Lit, Trimless Signage for businesses across America


Established in 1999, at CCLW, our mission is to deliver a superior product that includes everything your installer will need to work a fast & seamless installation and allow your team to work multiple projects a day. As a wholesale sign fabricator, we are here to help your company maximize its growth and profitability. As a UL-certified facility, our product is inspected daily for the highest consumer safety & quality standards.

CCLW serves the sign industry throughout the continental United States.

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How does Classic Channel Letter Wholesaler remain a leader in the industry?

We build channel letters quickly without sacrificing quality.

The UL-listed products in our catalog makes any project a possibility, no matter the time or materials available. Our aim is to out-build anyone within 100 miles of our Hockessin, DE headquarters, and beyond.

Here’s more about our channel letter design and build process:


1. Artwork Design and Review

Our process begins with one of our experienced designers reviewing the client’s artwork followed by a detailed discussion with the client to fully nail down the specifications.

2. Channel Letters are Cut

The faces and backs of the channel letters are cut using CNC controlled water jet or router. The returns are bent using a CNC bender. This ensures precision fit that is true to the client’s artwork.

3. Welding Process

If welding is required, it is done with a state of art laser welder. This process is induces much less heat into the materials minimizing distortion of the material and limits any witness marks transferring through the materials.

4. Painting Process

If the letters are to be painted, CCLW has a custom paint mixing station and is able to color match any pantone, PMS or manufacturers color. We use only urethane based automotive paint for a high-quality durable finish capable of standing up to the elements for years.

5. LED Lighting

The letters are illuminated using the best and brightest LED modules in the industry Power supply cabinets and LED’s are all suited for damp environments. Raceways if required can be custom painted to match the background color where they will be installed. All letters, raceways and power supply cabinets are all properly labeled with UL numbers and required labeling.

6. Quality Control

Quality Control is built into every step of the process to ensure the highest quality finished product. Following the fabrication of faces and backs and attachment to the cans they are mated together to ensure proper fit. Following welding and paint they are inspected for proper fit and finish, accuracy of the color match any visible imperfections after installation of the LED’s the sign is test lit and proof of life photo’s taken and sent to the client.

7. Installation Guide

The letters are shipped with installation instructions, a mounting pattern, wiring diagrams and required mounting hardware. This ensures a smooth installation for the client.

8. Shipping and Delivery

The sign is carefully crated to protect from shipping damage. And a packing checklist completed to ensure that all required parts and hardware are included.

Quick shipping is a guarantee, no matter where you are in the United States. Our sales team keeps shipping affordable by price-checking multiple services based on your zip code.

5-Year Warranty and Support

CCLW stand behind every sign we build with a 5 year warranty on all components and have available technical phone support.

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