Halo-Lit Channel Letters

Halo-lit channel letters are an excellent option for clients who want more elegance in signage.

It is also called reverse-lit or back-lit channel letters, and we fabricate this lettering style using aluminum faces welded on to aluminum returns. The internal LED lights cast a light on the background wall, creating a “halo” effect around each letter, hence the name. Classic Channel Letter Wholesaler has been a leader in the premium channel lettering industry since 1999. Besides building and fabricating halo-lit letters, we offer custom design services to take your signage from concept to reality. Our products are UL-certified and come with quality and safety assurances, as well as a five-year warranty.


The Benefits of Halo-lit Channel Lettering

Clients typically value halo-lit lettering for its professional look.

Like front-lit lettering, a halo-lit sign is well-suited for an indoor office environment. For example, it may appear in classy lobby signs, where a company writes its name against an indoor backdrop, such as slate or a wood-paneled wall.

Many businesses also use halo-lit letters for storefronts, and exterior halo-lit lettering is just as common.

How We Create Halo-lit Channel Letters

All of our Halo-Lit letters are manufactured using precision CNC water jet cutting or CNC router cutting for faces and backs.

A CNC Bender is used for shaping Returns

State-of-the-art Laser Welding for fabrication

This provides exceptional quality signage, delivered anywhere in the United States.


Indoor vs. Outdoor Signage

CCLW-supplied letters come complete with a paper installation pattern, power supply cabinets, mounting hardware, wiring diagrams, and installation instructions to make the job go smoothly.

Learn About Our Process

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