Dual-Lit Channel Letters

Front/Halo Lit Combo Channel Letters
Why not have the best of both worlds with “Dual-lit” channel letters?

The title refers to a premium channel lettering style that combines the qualities of front-lit channel letters and halo-lit channel letters into one sign. By projecting LED light from the back and diffusing it through a layer of acrylic, dual-lit letters easily attract attention.

While many people assume the double lighting makes it an exclusively outdoor option, dual-lit signage works with any location that suits your aesthetic tastes. The material and fabrication costs are slightly higher than the individual front or back-lit signs, but dual-lit lettering makes up the difference in uniqueness for some applications.


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Classic Channel Letter Wholesaler has built and designed a variety of signage styles since 1999. Dual-lit lettering is only one of our custom channel letters, all of which are made and shipped quickly (typically within twenty days). We will not sacrifice quality nor safety, and our products are UL-listed and checked by a team of professionals before sending them your way.

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